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Salmon Craze at Grazie Mauri

Written by Mr.Rano on .

grazie salmon1

This month is the Salmon Month Craze at Grazie Mauri and they are having a 50% discount at Grazie Mauri. Chef Mauri came up with different styles of salmon such as Salmon Burritos, Chervice Salmon and Salmon Teriaky to name a few.

So make way your way to Grazie Mauri and enjoy the Salmon Craze. Call 244 7471 for more details. Click here to enter fan page for more updates.


grazie salmon2
Salmon Teriaky - Pineapple and Salmon skewers marinated in soya and honey grilled to perfection

grazie salmon3
Smoked Salmon Terrine - Cram cheese and smoked salmon gateaux Mamma Mia Buonisimo

grazie salmon4
Chervice Salmon - Salmon Cubes in chervice style, this is a light appetizer ideal to start your meal

grazie salmon5
Salmon Burritos 

grazie salmon6
Salmon Bruchetta

grazie salmon7
Chef Mauri using some Italian hand gestures